BB Glow Mesotherapy

BB Glow Mesotherapy is a semi permanent treatment using the latest technology to come straight out of Korea.  BB Glow uses a Micro Needle Therapy System (MTS) combining skin coloured pigment with niacinamide and peptides along with natural growth factors for effective brightening and anti-ageing benefits leaving fine lines and wrinkles plumped, pores diminished and skin with a tinted glow similar to that of a tinted moisturiser that lasts up to 4 months.

BB Glow is recommended for both Men and Women with dark skin tones and for the reduction of freckles, age spots, redness and acne induced skin dis-coloration on lighter skin tones.

If your having a one off treatment or the first treatment of a course allow up to 90 minutes as this includes dermaplaning or microdermabrasion first to remove 2-3 weeks of dead skin to increase product penetration.  

One treatment – results last up to 2 weeks

Course of 3-6 treatments – results last up to 4 months


  • Effective Skin Brightening

  • Skin Whitening/ skin darkening

  • Wrinkle improvement

  • Reduces skin dis-coloration

  • Instant and gradual lightening/darkening effect to skin

  • Promotes scar-less healing and natural collagen reproduction

  • Minimising open pores

  • Non comedogenic

This is generally a very comfortable treatment as it’s superficial micro-needling, however some tightness and tingling after treatment is totally normal.


There is no downtime after the BB Glow treatment, however the serums that look like a foundation should be left on the skin for 24 hours and can give a shiny appearance. Mineral powder make up can be added after 6 hours.  Your skin may feel a little dry a few days after treatment this is the skins natural inflammatory response to micro-needling.

This is a great stand alone treatment especially for a one off event or a weekend away however for long term results lasting up to 4 months we recommend building up coverage over a course of 3-4 treatments 7-10 days apart.



  • A simple skincare regime with no acid based products should be used for 3 days post treatment.

  • No water to be used on the skin for 24 hours after the procedure

  • Spicy food and seafood should be avoided for 3 days post treatment.

  • Heavy make up is not recommended for the first 3 days – tinted SPF or mineral powder is fine.

  • A course of 3 treatments should be completed within 4 weeks.

  • Discontinue use of retinol products and vitamin C for 3 days prior to treatment and 8 weeks after.


BB Glow Treatment £75

BB Glow with Micro-Needling £150