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Aesthetics Training at the Four B's

By selecting this page Andrew and I would like to thank you for showing interest in the one on one training with us.


We will offer you a bespoke training package and a current service that isn’t offered else where. Your training will start with Botox. You will have a lot of theory during the beginning half of the course, learning how to give a thorough consultation to your future potential clients. The second half will be hands on experience with live models. Learning dosage dilution and reconstitution of Botox. 


With your clients Botox results you need to wait up to 2 weeks to see any changes or complications that need to be resolved. 

This is where we differ from any other training company as we will see you and your clients back at the clinic 3 weeks later to teach you how to offer a review consultation, administer a free top up if required and more importantly take after pictures therefore helping you to create a portfolio.

You are more than welcome to get your own models to bring along with you for your training. So gather your friends and family to get the opportunity to have up to 3 areas of Botox for £75 and 1ml of Filler for £75. However rest assure we can also supply your models.


We work along side the Pharmacy Fox Pharma We will help you set up your account with the pharmacy and add Andrew as your personal prescriber. Therefore you’ll be set to practice as soon as your insured. 


As part of the service Andrew and I will give you our personal contact information so we can always be at hand to help advise you going forth with any queries that present you.


You’ll leave with a goodie bag of necessities & information to help you begin your new career in facial aesthetics.


The cost of the course per person will be £1499 including VAT.


We usually offer a separate day course for Dermal Filler training for £1750 but if you take both courses with us we will happily charge you the same as the Botox course.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.


Kirsty Dinnadge & Dr Andrew Osafo