About Luke

As a person I am friendly and 100% honest. ill help you with your decision and go through things one step at a time. As I have had the procedure done myself I know how important this is to you. 


This gives me so much joy that you are considering scalp micropigmentation, the reason I say this is because I lost the majority of my hair by the time I was 24 it really damaged my confidence and I didn't know what to do. I looked online at full hair transplants but it was a lot of money and mixed feedback from people that had it done. Eventually,Ii found a website on scalp micropigmentation. Hooray, I was over the moon. it was half the cost of a full hair transplant and it would never fall out.


I had my first session back in April 2016 and it still looks great now!​

Professional Qualifications


Trained in scalp micropigmentation by LGS Hair Clinic 

Beauty, cosmetic and personal care.